Admission to WTDC

In accordance with Article 25 of the ITU Convention , the following shall be admitted to the World Telecommunication Development Conference , which is a statutory ITU event:

a) delegations of Member States ;

b) representatives of ITU-D Sector Members ;

c) observers, to participate in an advisory capacity, from:

i) the organizations and agencies referred to in Nos. 269A to 269D of the ITU Convention :

        • ​the United Nations;
        • regional telecommunication organizations mentioned in Article 43 of the Constitution;
        • intergovernmental organizations operating satellite systems;
        • the specialized agencies of the United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency;

ii) any other regional organization or other international organization dealing with matters of interest to the World Telecommunication Development Conference.

Furthermore, pursuant to resolves 2 of Resolution 99 (Rev. Dubai, 2018) , the delegation of the State of Palestine shall participate as observer in the World Telecommunication Development Conference .

Finally, pursuant to resolves 4 of Resolution 169 (Rev. Dubai, 2018) , Academia  shall also be admitted to the World Telecommunication Development Conference​, as an observer in a non-advisory capacity.


Admission to the non-statutory 'Partner2Connect'

​The 'Partner2Connect for Digital Development'​​ will be held within the framework of WTDC. It will be open to participation by all stakeholders to the ICT development arena, including those outside the ITU membership. ​

Registered parti​cipants ​to WTDC and P2C


Kindly refer to the Note to Delegates available on the host country website.​


Registration for WTDC​ and P2C will be carried out exclusively online and is already open.

Delegates can register for the meeting using their ITU user account credentials (i.e. username and password).  In case they do not have an ITU user account, they can create one by following the steps available HERE

Note: For delegates who already created their user account when registering to previous events on this same system, they will be able to use the same account.


Registration for WTDC

Each delegate interested in attending the meeting should complete and submit a registration form that can be accessed HERE and indicate if they intend to participate remotely.

​ At the same time they register for WTDC, membership may ​also register here for P2C.


All registration requests for participation in WTDC must be validated by the Designated Focal Points (DFPs) of administrations and entities entitled to participate. The list of Designated Focal Points is available HERE.  To modify the contact details of a Designated Focal Point or to change the Designated Focal Point, an official letter from an authorized official should be sent to the BDT Meetings Registration Service (by e-mail to:, providing the new DFP's last name, first name and e-mail address.

A User account with TIES access allows delegates to access ITU information resources including contributions and other working documents.

Membership is encouraged to consider gender balance when deciding their delegations to WTDC. Furthermore, more than one person can participate from an or​ganization/country.


Registration for P2C



For any questions concernin​g registration to WTDC or P2C,
please contact

WTDC Admission and registration