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World Telecommunication Development Conference 2014


Statement by H.E. Dr. Vujica Lazovic, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Information Society and Telecommunications, Montenegro

Your Excellencies,

Distinguished Colleagues,

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to address you today here in Dubai and share with you our experience and expectation regarding Broadband.

Government of Montenegro is fully committed to position broadband to the top of our development agenda. Being aware of the importance of development andapplication of ICT, Montenegro has already made ​​significant steps in that field. This is clearly recognized by World Economic Forum - the Network Readiness Index (ISM), where Montenegro is ranked at 48th position out of 144 countries and far above other countries in the region. With mobile penetration of nearly 200% and Internet that grows to approximately 50%, it is evident that ICT sector in Montenegro is recording intensive growth.

As presented in Digital Agenda for Europe, the growth of broadband must be national priority for all developed markets. It is also widely recognized as a key platform for the overall socio-economic development. These are aspects recognized in our Strategy for information society for the 2012-2016.


The main objectives set forth in our Strategy are:

  • To achieve and define the conditions and directions for further rapid development of ICT sector and broadband;
  • To provide increased interest and investment in the ICT sector and broadband;
  • To encourage competition in the market of electronic communications;
  • To ensure the availability of broadband Internet access;
  • To encourage end-users, citizens and businesses to use the available ICT tools and services in everyday life and business;
  • To ensure the implementation of the latest technological solutions.


The Strategy has defined five main pillars of national development of ICT. Planned vision will be ensured through direct implementation of assumed tasks and goals, which are:

- ICT Sustainability to ensure that all citizens, businesses and government bodies have comfortable access to ICT infrastructure, high-speed, high quality and capacitive internet. Additionally, it assumes international legal and regulatory framework to support competitive and sustainable ICT systems

- ICT for community which strengthens ongoing activities and includes new actions that will further stimulate business sectors and academic institutions to use ICT

- ICT for public administration which enables further development and definition of e-government process. It also encourages public administration and key economic sectors for innovative use of ICT, increasing productivity and focusing on user requirements and service quality

- ICT for Economic Development to foster productive and sustainable ICT system, build new generation of ICT talents and encourage creativity and entrepreneurship

- Development of radio broadcasting and media markets to ensure rapid development of electronic-communication networks and services, conditions for healthy competition in the market economy and introduction of new technologies and services in this sector. The focus is also on application of international standards and principles, especially more efficient use of radio frequency spectrum as a limited natural resource.


These five pillars are supported by ten national ICT programsthat ensure the implementation of the Strategy. One of these programs is the program for ICT infrastructure. It aims provision of high quality broadband Internet access for all citizens and enterprises in Montenegro. In parallel, it should provide adequate, affordable and reliable international Internet connections that will meet all current and future requirements and bandwidth capacity at state level.

With no doubt, Montenegrin citizens show great interest in broadband connectivity services and use of modern and capacitive demanding multimedia applications. For this reason, it is very important for Montenegro to focus all its efforts on development of broadband markets. This will enable wider development of ICT sector, followed by socio-economic development.

Having in mind current state of ICT in Montenegro and evident achievements realized over the years, visionary and ambitious strategies will enable the development of information society and provide benefits for all stakeholders. In this sense, the vision for the 2016 is clear: "Montenegro-digital state - a country that has recognized the social and economic potential of ICT and broadband."

As a result of this vision, benefit from the development of ICT and broadband services and solutions must be recognized and easily measurable in key aspects of society and economy. In addition, ICT will contribute to an easier and faster integration into European economy affirming Montenegro as a regional center for ICT business opportunities, entrepreneurship and creativity.

Thank you for your attention!