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Study Group Question 6/2: ICT and climate change

The issue of climate change has emerged as a global concern and requires global collaboration by all parties, in particular the developing countries (which are the most vulnerable group of countries with respect to climate change). International initiatives in this domain are seeking to achieve sustainable development and identify ways and means in which lCTs can monitor such climate change and reduce overall global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

ITU‑T Study Group 5 is the lead study group for study of ICT environmental aspects of electromagnetic phenomena and climate change, including design methodologies to reduce environmental effects, such as recycling related to ICT facilities, equipment, and that ITU‑R Study Group 7 (Science services) is the lead study group for studies related to the use of radio technologies, systems and applications, including satellite systems, for environment and climate‑change monitoring and climate‑change prediction.

In this respect, the outcomes of ITU‑T and ITU‑R resolutions and Recommendations, and in particular Resolution 73 (Rev. Dubai, 2012) of the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA) and Resolution 673 (Rev. WRC‑12) of the World Radiocommunication Conference should serve as a basis for the study of this Question.

Areas of Study

There are a variety of issues that members will address within the four coming years of this Question. It is expected that the following steps for the study will play a major role in the future in order to meet the objective of this Question:

Study Question Output

The output will be a report on the results of the work concluded for each step identified above, taking into account the specific needs of developing countries. Other outputs could be the organization of workshops and seminars for the developing countries, in relation with the relevant ITU‑D programme and in consultation with the relevant ITU‑T and ITU‑R study groups.

Final Reports on Question 6/2: ICT and climate change