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ITU Internet Training Centres (ITC)


The ITU Internet Training Centres initiative is a targeted capacity building program that works towards the creation and enhancement of ICT and related skills. Through a train-the-trainer approach, the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau works with public and private-sector partners and training institutions and universities to set up Internet Training Centres which provide access to affordable and relevant training programs using both face-to-face and distance-based training methods.  Through these Centres, students access quality technical training curricula, provided by established partners, preparing them for industry certification which in turn enhances their employability. In an effort to promote technological empowerment as a path to economic and social development, the ITC initiative complements current technical offerings with soft skills and entrepreneurship modules to facilitate self-employment. 


The Internet Training Centres Initiative is intended to assist developing countries meet their human resource requirements for Internet and IP-related expert training.