Table of Contents

       F3.1     General information 
                  F3.1.1     Definitions from Annex F1       
                  F3.1.2     Definitions from Annex F2       
                  F3.1.3     Status of Annex F3 (this annex)             
       F3.2     Behaviour semantics 
                  F3.2.1     SDL‑2010 abstract machine definition (SAM)   
                  F3.2.2     Compilation function  
                  F3.2.3     SDL‑2010 abstract machine programs  
       F3.3     Data semantics            
                  F3.3.1     Predefined data           
                  F3.3.2     Pid types         
                  F3.3.3     Constructed types       
                  F3.3.4     Variables with Aggregation-kind REF   
                  F3.3.5     State access   
                  F3.3.6     Specialization 
                  F3.3.7     Operators and methods           
                  F3.3.8     Syntypes         
Appendix I to Annex F3 – List of abstract syntax grammar rules used