1     Scope 
        1.1       Objective 
        1.2       Application          
        1.3       System specification         
        1.4       Differences between SDL-88 and SDL-92           
        1.5       Differences between SDL-92 and SDL‑2000       
 2     References 
 3     Definitions  
 4     Abbreviations   
 5     Conventions     
        5.1       SDL grammars    
        5.2       Basic definitions   
        5.3       Presentation style 
        5.4       Metalanguages     
 6     General rules    
        6.1       Lexical rules         
        6.2       Macro  
        6.3       Visibility rules, names and identifiers         
        6.4       Informal text        
        6.5       Drawing rules       
        6.6       Partitioning of drawings    
        6.7       Comment 
        6.8       Text extension      
        6.9       Text symbol         
 7     Organization of SDL specifications           
        7.1       Framework          
        7.2       Package  
        7.3       Referenced definition        
 8     Structural concepts          
        8.1       Types, instances and gates           
        8.2       Context parameters          
        8.3       Specialization       
        8.4       Type references   
        8.5       Associations        
 9     Agents
        9.1       System 
        9.2       Block   
        9.3       Process
        9.4       Agent and composite state reference        
        9.5       Procedure
10     Communication
       10.1     Channel 
       10.2     Connection           
       10.3     Signal    
       10.4     Signal list definition
       10.5     Remote procedures          
       10.6     Remote variables  
11     Behaviour 
       11.1     Start      
       11.2     State     
       11.3     Input     
       11.4     Priority Input        
       11.5     Continuous signal  
       11.6     Enabling condition 
       11.7     Save      
       11.8     Implicit transition   
       11.9     Spontaneous transition      
      11.10     Label    
      11.11     State machine and Composite state          
      11.12     Transition
      11.13     Action  
      11.14     Statement list       
      11.15     Timer   
      11.16     Exception
12     Data   
       12.1     Data definitions     
       12.2     Passive use of data           
       12.3     Active use of data 
13     Generic system definition 
       13.1     Optional definition 
       13.2     Optional transition string    
Annex A – Index of non-terminals    
Annex B – Backwards compatibility    
        B.1     Background          
        B.2     Lexical rules          
        B.3     Macro   
        B.4     Context parameters           
                  B.4.1     Agent context parameter  
                  B.4.2     Procedure context parameter        
                  B.4.3     Sort context parameter     
        B.5     Agents   
        B.6     Procedure 
        B.7     Remote variables   
        B.8     Specialization of data types
        B.9     Behaviour of operations     
       B.10     Optional definition
       B.11     Data definition      
       B.12     Data type definition          
                  B.12.1     Generators         
                  B.12.2     Operator signatures        
       B.13     Syntypes  
       B.14     Task     
Annex C – Compliance to this Recommendation    
        C.1     Definitions of valid tools    
        C.2     Conformance        
Annex D – SDL Predefined data    
        D.1     Introduction          
        D.2     Notation
                  D.2.1     Axioms    
                  D.2.2     Conditional equations       
                  D.2.3     Equality   
                  D.2.4     Boolean axioms   
                  D.2.5     Conditional term  
                  D.2.6     Error term
                  D.2.7     Unordered literals
                  D.2.8     Literal equations   
        D.3     Package Predefined          
                  D.3.1     Boolean sort        
                  D.3.2     Character sort      
                  D.3.3     String sort
                  D.3.4     Charstring sort     
                  D.3.5     Integer sort          
                  D.3.6     Natural syntype    
                  D.3.7     Real sort  
                  D.3.8     Array sort
                  D.3.9     Vector     
                  D.3.10     Powerset sort    
                  D.3.11     Duration sort      
                  D.3.12     Time sort           
                  D.3.13     Bag sort 
                  D.3.14     ASN.1 Bit and Bitstring sorts     
                  D.3.15     ASN.1 Octet and Octetstring sorts         
                  D.3.16     Predefined Exceptions    
Annex E – Reserved for examples    
Annex F – SDL formal definition    
Appendix I – Status of Z.100, related documents and Recommendations    
Appendix II – Guidelines for the maintenance of SDL    
       II.1     Maintenance of SDL          
                  II.1.1     Terminology         
                  II.1.2     Rules for maintenance       
                  II.1.3     Change request procedure
Appendix III – Systematic conversion of SDL-92 to SDL-2000