1     Conditions not Applied in Types
 2     Abstract Syntax Representing Concrete Syntax
 3     Internal Domains
        3.1     Description of Descriptordict
                  3.1.1     Description of Entity attributes
                  3.1.2     Alias Quals
        3.2     Description of Commondict
        3.3     Description of Localdict
        3.4     Other Domains
 4     Main Functions
 5     Transformations
        5.1     Forming AS0
        5.2     Replacing Definition References
        5.3     Normalizing the Graphs
        5.4     Inclusion of Predefined Package
        5.5     Transformation of Generic Systems
        5.6     Package Inclusion
        5.7     Auxiliary Transformations 1
        5.8     Full Qualifiers
                  5.8.1     Main Function
                  5.8.2     Building the Scope
                  5.8.3     Packages
                  5.8.4     Transforming Scopeunits
                          Main Functions
                          System Definition
                          Block Definition
                          Process Definition
                          Service Definition
                          System Type
                          Block Type
                          Process Type
                          Service Type
                         Gate Definitions
                         Deriving Formal Parameters
                         Formal Context Parameters
                         Virtual Definitions
                  5.8.5     Transforming Non-scopeunits
                          Main Function
                          Extending the Scope According to Formal Constraints
                          Sort Generators
                          Remote Variables
                          Remote Procedures
                         Timer Definitions
                         Signal Lists
                         Signal Routes
                         Imported Variable specifications
                         Imported Procedure Specifications
                  5.8.6     Transformation of Expressions
                          Conditional Expressions
                          Other Expressions
                  5.8.7     Elaboration of Operator, Procedure, Service and Process Graph
                          Elaboration of States
                          Transformation of Action Statements
                        Elaboration of Output Nodes
                        Elaboration of Create Nodes
                        Elaboration of Call Nodes
                        Elaboration of Decision Nodes
        5.9     Implicit Specialization of Global Procedures
       5.10     Instances
       5.11     Removal of Types
       5.12     Move of Definitions in Packages to the system level
       5.13     Expansion of Channel Substructures
       5.14     Removal of Asterisk
       5.15     Insertion of Implicit Transitions
       5.16     Transformation of Via All
       5.17     Removal of Free actions
       5.18     Expansion of Dash Nextstate
       5.19     Insertion of nil Parameters
       5.20     Removal of Synonyms
       5.21     Removal of Priority Input
       5.22     Expansion of Continuous Signal
       5.23     Expansion of Enabling Condition
       5.24     Generation of Atomic Actions
       5.25     Transformation of Import/Export
 6     Global Functions
 7     AS0 to AS1 transformation
        7.1     Basic SDL
        7.2     Structural Decomposition Concepts in SDL
        7.3     Data in SDL
        7.4     Auxiliary Functions
 8     Generation of Auxiliary Information
 9     Informal Functions
10     Tree Modification function