Table of Contents

 1     Introduction             
 2     Abbreviations and acronyms             
 3     Methodology for SSC stakeholder identification and engagement   
        3.1     Identification of all stakeholders involved in an SSC      
        3.2     Categorization of stakeholders              
 4     Detailed analysis of selected stakeholders  
        4.1     An analysis of selected stakeholders   
        4.2     Analysis of stakeholder engagement progress
 5     Stakeholders' roles in SSC   
        5.1     Municipalities, city councils and city administration       
        5.2     National and regional governments     
        5.3     City services companies            
        5.4     Utility providers            
        5.5     ICT companies (e.g., telecom operators, start-ups, software companies)          
        5.6     Non-governmental organizations         
        5.7     International, regional and multilateral organizations  
        5.8     Industry associations  
        5.9     Academia, research organizations and specialized bodies          
       5.10     Citizens and citizen organizations        
       5.11     Urban planners           
       5.12     Standards developing organizations   
 6     Conclusions               
Appendix I    
Appendix II – SCC – CERT/CSIRT/SOC