Rec. ITU-T Y.4468 (01/2020) Minimum set of data transfer protocol for automotive emergency response system
Table of Contents
1 Scope
2 References
3 Definitions
     3.1 Terms defined elsewhere
     3.2 Terms defined in this Recommendation
4 Abbreviations and acronyms
5 Conventions
6 Overview of MSD transfer protocol
     6.1 Overview of automotive emergency response system
     6.2 Overview of message structure
7 MSD transfer message types
     7.1 Request messages
          7.1.1 MSD notification message
          7.1.2 MSD cancellation message
     7.2 Response messages
          7.2.1 Acknowledgement (ACK) response message
          7.2.2 Empty ACK message
          7.2.3 Confirmable response message
          7.2.4 AERC response code
8 MSD transfer protocol operation
     8.1 Request-response operation
     8.2 Retransmission
9 Security considerations
Annex A  AEDD operation procedure
     A.1 AEDD operation procedure
     A.2 Automatic cancellation determination procedure
Annex B  Accident detection procedures
     B.1 Collision detection
     B.2 Spin off detection
     B.3 Rollover or capsizing detection
     B.4 Abnormal wheel speed detection