Rec. ITU-T Y.3507 (12/2018) - Cloud computing – Functional requirements of physical machine
Table of Contents
1 Scope
2 References
3 Definitions
     3.1 Terms defined elsewhere
     3.2 Terms defined in this Recommendation
4 Abbreviations and acronyms
5 Conventions
6 Overview of the physical machine
     6.1 Introduction to the computing machine
     6.2 Introduction to the physical machine
     6.3 Types of physical machine
          6.3.1 Single processing unit type
          6.3.2 Multi-processing unit type
     6.4 Virtualization in physical machines
          6.4.1 CPU virtualization
          6.4.2 Memory virtualization
          6.4.3 I/O virtualization
     6.5 Scalability of components in the physical machine
          6.5.1 Scalability of the processing unit
          6.5.2 Scalability of power supply
          6.5.3 Scalability of cooling
7 Functional requirements for a physical machine
     7.1 Component requirements
          7.1.1 Processing unit requirements
      CPU requirements
      Memory requirements
      Storage requirements
      I/O device requirements
          7.1.2 Power supply requirements
          7.1.3 Cooling requirements
          7.1.4 Enclosure requirements
          7.1.5 Interconnect network requirements
          7.1.6 Management component requirements
     7.2 I/O interface requirements
     7.3 Operation requirements
     7.4 Scalability requirements
     7.5 Security requirements
     7.6 Reliability requirement
8 Security considerations
Appendix I  Comparison between functional requirements and other specifications
     I.1 Specifications and other SDOs
          I.1.1 Open Compute Project
          I.1.2 DMTF
          I.1.3 SNIA
          I.1.4 ETSI
     I.2 Relationship with related specifications from other SDOs
Appendix II  Use cases of the physical machine for cloud computing