Table of Contents

 1     Scope  
 2     References 
 3     Definitions 
        3.1     Terms defined elsewhere  
        3.2     Terms defined in this Recommendation  
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms 
 5     Conventions 
 6     Overview for S-NICE 
 7     Functional architecture for S-NICE 
        7.1     Overall functional architecture of S-NICE 
                  7.1.1     Relationship between architectures of NICE and S-NICE 
                  7.1.2     Overall Functional architecture of S-NICE 
        7.2     Detailed functional architectures of S-NICE orchestration functions 
                  7.2.1     Access control FE 
                  7.2.2     Service management FE 
                  7.2.3     Service orchestration FE 
                  7.2.4     Application development support FE 
                  7.2.5     Service repository FE 
                  7.2.6     Network abstraction FE 
                  7.2.7     Network monitoring FE 
        7.3     Detailed functional architectures of S-NICE controller functions 
                  7.3.1     Policy creation FE 
                  7.3.2     Policy management FE 
                  7.3.3     Topology management FE 
                  7.3.4     Topology collection FE 
                  7.3.5     Traffic scheduling and optimization FE 
                  7.3.6     Traffic monitoring FE 
                  7.3.7     Policy and rule translation FE 
        7.4     Detailed functional architectures of S-NICE infrastructure functions 
                  7.4.1     Data forwarding FE 
                  7.4.2     Network status reporting FE 
 8     Reference points of S-NICE 
        8.1     Internal Reference points of S-NICE orchestration functions 
        8.2     Internal Reference points of S-NICE controller functions 
        8.3     Internal Reference points of S-NICE infrastructure functions 
        8.4     Internal Reference points among functions of S-NICE 
        8.5     External Reference points of S-NICE 
 9     Security considerations 
Appendix A    
        A.1     Implementation flows of on-demand provision  
        A.2     Implementation flows of resource guarantee based on network awareness 
        A.3     Implementation flows of traffic scheduling based on network awareness