Recommendation ITU-T Y.1564 Corrigendum 1 (06/2021) Ethernet service activation test methodology
Table of Contents
1 Scope
2 References
3 Definitions
     3.1 Terms defined elsewhere
     3.2 Terms defined in this Recommendation
4 Abbreviations and acronyms
5 Conventions
6 Background on Ethernet network architecture and service attributes
     6.1 Ethernet network architecture
     6.2 Ethernet service attributes
          6.2.1 Bandwidth profile
7 Test architecture and considerations
     7.1 Measurement points and measurable sections
          7.1.1 Measurement point (MP)
          7.1.2 Basic section
          7.1.3 End-to-end Ethernet network
          7.1.4 Network section ensemble (NSE)
     7.2 Ethernet frame transfer reference events (FRE)
          7.2.1 Ethernet frame entry event into an end station
          7.2.2 Ethernet frame exit event from an end station
          7.2.3 Ethernet frame ingress event into a basic section or NSE
          7.2.4 Ethernet frame egress event from a basic section or NSE
          7.2.5 In-order and reordered Ethernet frame outcomes
     7.3 Test architecture considerations
     7.4 Required test equipment capabilities
8 Ethernet service activation test methodology
     8.1 Service configuration test
          8.1.1 Service configuration test and service performance test frame size
          8.1.2 Service configuration test procedure
          8.1.3 Service configuration test reporting format
     8.2 Service performance test
          8.2.1 Test duration
          8.2.2 Service performance test results
      Information rate test results
      Ethernet frame transfer delay results
      Ethernet frame delay variation results
      Ethernet frame loss ratio results
      Service availability
      Pass/Fail criteria
      Service performance test report format
     8.3 Test configuration
     8.4 Test connectivity considerations
     8.5 Availability considerations for testing
     8.6 Frame loss ratio and errored frame ratio
Appendix I  CBS and EBS test methodology
     I.1 Introduction
     I.2 CBS test methodology
     I.3 EBS configuration test methodology
Appendix II  Example of service activation test reports
     II.1 Introduction
     II.2 Service configuration test reporting format
     II.3 Service performance test report format