This Recommendation | International Standard, The Systems Management Overview, is the introductory Recommen­dation | International Standard to the X.700-Series Recommendations. It provides an overview to the family of systems management standards; establishes the basis for partitioning the systems management standards into separate groups, specifying the scope of each group and identifying the principal components within each group; gives guidance on the development of systems management standards and identifies how they relate to each other; identifies the principles governing conformance requirements and conformance claims to systems management standards; and defines terms for use by other systems management standards.

The concepts defined in this Recommendation | International Standard establish a model for systems management, identify several aspects of systems management (i.e. information, functional, communications, and organizational), and further refine the model to clarify these aspects.

The modifications incorporated in the 1997 edition include all approved Technical Corrigenda to this Recommendation | International Standard and the approved Amendments 1 and 2 to this Recommendation | International Standard, on Management Knowledge Management and on Management domains architecture. These changes were required to align the Systems Management Overview with the technical contents of approved X.700-Series Recommendations.