This technical corrigendum to ITU-T Rec. X.680 | ISO/IEC 8824-1:

a)          clarifies what characters are in the ASN.1 character set;

b)          clarifies what is meant by the terms "white-space character" and "new-line character";

c)          clarifies the effect of subtype constraints when used in conjunction with the "COMPONENTS OF" and SelectionType notations;

d)          corrects the production for "ElementSetSpecs" so that the syntax does not allow types that can have no value;

e)          makes it clear that when a range is used in specifying a "PermittedAlphabet", the lower and upper bound must each be a single character;

f)           clarifies the requirement for tag uniqueness when the extension insertion point is not at the end of the sequence type;

g)          makes several editorial corrections.