Recommendation ITU-T X.609.3 specifies signalling requirements for distributed multimedia streaming over managed P2P architecture. This Recommendation lists requirements on all reference points that are defined in Recommendation ITU-T X.609 for providing multimedia streaming services. This Recommendation also describes high-level procedures for multimedia streaming services over managed P2P architecture, and the roles of managed P2P components.

In providing multimedia streaming service to a massive number of concurrent users by use of existing server-client model, there are limitations and problems such as bottleneck issues and burdens on network cost. If a massive number of users have access to a small number of servers, service providers may suffer from bottleneck problems, which signify additional network costs to service providers. The problem is worse in the case of ultra high definition (UHD) video streaming. In case of peer-to-peer (P2P)-based video streaming, each peer that is participating in the same session shares their resources to distribute stream data with each other. P2P-based streaming is much more scalable compared to the server-client model, and accommodates a massive number of concurrent users. This Recommendation addresses signalling requirements for providing managed P2P (MP2P)-based multimedia streaming services for further protocol specifications.