Recommendation ITU-T X.509 | ISO/IEC 9594-8 defines frameworks for public-key infrastructure (PKI) and privilege management infrastructure (PMI). It introduces the basic concept of asymmetric cryptographic techniques. It specifies the following data types: public-key certificate, attribute certificate, certificate revocation list (CRL) and attribute certificate revocation list (ACRL). It also defines several certificates and CRL extensions, and it defines directory schema information allowing PKI and PMI related data to be stored in a directory. In addition, it defines entity types, such as certification authority (CA), attribute authority (AA), relying party, privilege verifier, trust broker and trust anchor. It specifies the principles for certificate validation, validation path, certificate policy etc. It includes a specification for authorization validation lists that allow for fast validation and restrictions on communications. It includes protocols necessary for maintaining authorization validation lists and a protocol for accessing a trust broker.