0 Introduction
1 Scope
2 References
3 Definitions
    3.1 Reference model definitions
    3.2 Terms defined in other CCITT Recommendations, International Standards and Technical Reports
    3.3 Conformance testing definitions
    3.4 Basic terms
    3.5 Types of testing
    3.6 Terminology of test suites
    3.7 Terminology of results
    3.8 Terminology of test methods
4 Abbreviations
5 The meaning of conformance in OSI
    5.1 Introduction
    5.2 Conformance requirements
    5.3 Static conformance requirements
    5.4 Dynamic conformance requirements
    5.5 Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS)
    5.6 A Conforming system
    5.7 Interworking and conformance
6 Conformance and testing
    6.1 Objectives of conformance testing
        6.1.1 Introduction
        6.1.2 Basic Interconnection Tests (BITs)
        6.1.3 Capability tests
        6.1.4 Behaviour tests
        6.1.5 Conformance resolution tests
    6.2 Protocol Implementation Extra Information for Testing (PIXIT)
    6.3 Conformance assessment process overview
    6.4 Use of BITs and capability tests in the test campaign
    6.5 Analysis of results
        6.5.1 Test outcomes and test verdicts
        6.5.2 Conformance test reports
        6.5.3 Repeatability of results
        6.5.4 Comparability of results
        6.5.5 Auditability of results
7 Test methods
    7.1 Introduction
    7.2 Classification of real open systems and IUTs for conformance testing
        7.2.1 Classification of SUTs
        7.2.2 Identification of the IUT
    7.3 Abstract testing methodology
        7.3.1 General
        7.3.2 Points of Control and Observation (PCOs)
    7.4 Abstract testing functions
    7.5 Overview of Abstract Test Methods
        7.5.1 End-system IUTs
        7.5.2 The Local and Distributed test methods
        7.5.3 The Coordinated and Remote test methods
        7.5.4 Variants of end-system test methods
        7.5.5 Relay-system IUTs
    7.6 Applicability of test methods to real open systems
    7.7 Applicability of the test methods to OSI protocols and layers
8 Test suites
    8.1 Structure
    8.2 Abstract and executable test cases
9 Relationships between Recommendations in the X.290-Series, concepts and roles
10 Compliance
ANNEX A Options
ANNEX B Applicability of the test methods to OSI protocols
B.1 The Physical layer
B.2 Data Link and Media Access Control protocols
B.3 Network protocols
B.4 Transport protocol
B.5 Session protocol
B.6 Presentation and Application protocols
B.7 Connectionless protocols
ANNEX C Index of Recommendations X.290, X.291, X.293 and X.294
C.1 Introduction
C.2 Index