Table of Contents

 1     Scope            
 2     References   
 3     Terms and definitions               
        3.1     Terms defined elsewhere
        3.2     Terms defined in this Recommendation     
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms  
 5     Conventions
 6     Introduction
        6.1     IPTV general architecture and content protection architecture              
        6.2     Overview of the interoperable SCP framework         
 7     Interoperable SCP framework 
        7.1     Interoperable SCP architecture     
        7.2     Interworking processes   
 8     Interworking process protocol specification         
        8.1     Overview of the protocol message               
        8.2     Authentication protocol 
        8.3     Negotiation protocol       
        8.4     Transmission protocol    
        8.5     Transmission packet format         
Annex A – Scenarios of SCP-B or SCP-IX deployed in IPTV TD    
        A.1     Definitions of terms used in Figure A.1       
        A.2     Scenario 1: SCP with SCP-IX       
        A.3     Scenario 2: SCP with optional SCP-B and storage   
        A.4     Scenario 3: SCP with storage and SCP-IX 
Annex B – Basic type and premises of the interworking process protocol    
        B.1     Request type    
        B.2     Response type 
        B.3     Status type       
        B.4     Extension type 
        B.5     Nonce type       
        B.6     Canonicalization and digital signature       
Annex C – Interworking process protocol schema    
Appendix I – Interoperable SCP types    
        I.1                   SCP end-to-end (SCP-EE) 
        I.2                   SCP bridging (SCP-B)        
        I.3                   SCP interchange (SCP-IX)
Appendix II – Security considerations    
       II.1     Channel security              
       II.2     Possible attacks
Appendix III – SCP interoperability and legacy scheme    
Appendix IV – Proprietary authentication scheme    
Appendix V – Sample interworking process protocol messages    
        V.1     AuthenticationHelloRequest        
        V.2     AuthenticationHelloResponse      
        V.3     NegotiationRequest        
        V.4     NegotiationResponse     
        V.5     TransmissionHelloRequest           
        V.6     TransmissionHelloResponse         
        V.7     IdentificationRequest    
        V.8     IdentificationResponse  
        V.9     TransmissionRequest     
       V.10     TransmissionResponse 
Appendix VI – Calculation of ITU-T X.509 certificate