1 Introduction
2 References
3 Description of an international route
4 General routing principles
5 Specific routing possibilities through the IPDN
5.1 Routing possibilities required for maintaining the quality of service
5.2 Service characteristics associated with a route
5.3 Specific conditions associated with a route
6 Routing procedures applicable to international interworking between PDNs of the same type and also between PSPDNs and ISDNs and/or PSTNs
7 Identification of IDSEs and ISDNs involved in an international call
8 Multiple IDSEs provided by one Administration
8.1 In the originating or destination country
8.2 In a transit country
9 International routing plan
10 Network information required to enable optimum routings to be planned
Annex A Terms and definitions related to routing in the PDN
Annex B The use of satellite links in overall CSPDN routes
B.1 General considerations
B.2 Principles in each PDN
Annex C Routing information
Appendix I International routing plan Examples of routes
I.3 Rerouting