1      Scope 
 2     Normative references       
        2.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards          
        2.2     Additional references         
 3     Definitions, abbreviations, symbols and conventions          
        3.1     Definitions 
        3.2     Abbreviations        
        3.3     Symbols 
 4     General description          
        4.1     Purpose  
        4.2     Coding principles   
        4.3     Source image         
        4.4     Encoding process  
        4.5     Decoding process  
        4.6     Coding of multiple component images         
        4.7     Compressed image data     
        4.8     Interchange format 
 5     Interchange format requirements   
 6     Encoder requirements      
 7     Decoder requirements      
 8     Conformance testing        
        8.1     Purpose  
        8.2     Encoder conformance tests
        8.3     Decoder conformance tests
Annex A – Encoding procedures for a single component    
        A.1     Coding parameters and compressed image data     
        A.2     Initialisations and conventions        
        A.3     Context determination       
        A.4     Prediction 
        A.5     Prediction error encoding  
        A.6     Update variables   
        A.7     Run mode 
        A.8     Flow of encoding procedures        
Annex B – Multi-component images    
        B.1     Introduction          
        B.2     Line interleaved mode       
        B.3     Sample interleaved mode   
        B.4     Minimum Coded Unit (MCU)       
Annex     C – Compressed data format
        C.1     General aspects of the compressed data format specification          
        C.2     General JPEG-LS coding syntax   
        C.3     Abbreviated format for compressed image data     
        C.4     Abbreviated format for table-specification data      
Annex D – Control procedures    
        D.1     Control procedure for encoding an image  
        D.2     Control procedure for encoding a frame    
        D.3     Control procedure for encoding a scan      
        D.4     Control procedure for encoding a restart interval    
        D.5     Control procedure for encoding a Minimum Coded Unit (MCU)    
Annex E – Conformance Tests    
        E.1     Test images           
Annex F – Decoding procedures    
        F.1     Process flow         
Annex G – Description of the coding process    
        G.1     Context modelling 
        G.2     Encoding in the regular coding mode          
        G.3     Encoding in the run mode  
Annex H – Examples and guidelines    
        H.1     Introduction          
        H.2     Example of how bits are output in the bit stream     
        H.3     Detailed coding example   
        H.4     Example image data          
        H.5     Use of SPIFF with JPEG-LS compressed image data        
Annex I – Bibliography     Included diskette:
 –     JPEG-LS    reference implementation
 –     JPEG-LS conformance testing image set
 –     Auxiliary programs and examples.