1     Scope
 2     Normative references
        2.1     Paired Recommendations | International Standards equivalent in technical content
        2.2     Additional references
 3     Definitions
 4     Relationship with other Profiles
 5     Conformance
        5.1     Data stream conformance
        5.2     Implementation conformance
 6     Characteristics supported by this document application profile
        6.1     Overview
                  6.1.1     General
                  6.1.2     Formatted form documents
                  6.1.3     Processable form documents
                  6.1.4     Formatted processable form documents
                  6.1.5     Generic-documents
                  6.1.6     Document profile
        6.2     Logical characteristics
                  6.2.1     Introduction
                  6.2.2     Overview of the logical structure
                  6.2.3     Body part of the logical structure
                  6.2.4     Common content part of the logical structure
        6.3     Layout characteristics
                  6.3.1     Overview of the layout characteristics
                  6.3.2     DocumentLayoutRoot
                  6.3.5     Body area characteristics
                  6.3.6     Header and footer area characteristics
                  6.3.7     GenericBlock and SpecificBlock
        6.4     Document layout characteristics
                  6.4.1     Flow controls
                  6.4.2     Layout of the document content
                  6.4.3     Layout controls applicable in the absence of a generic layout structure
        6.5     Content layout and imaging characteristics
                  6.5.1     Character content
                  6.5.2     Raster graphics content
                  6.5.3     Geometric graphics content
        6.6     Miscellaneous features
                  6.6.1     Resource-documents
                  6.6.2     External documents
                  6.6.3     Border
                  6.6.4     Application comments
                  6.6.5     Alternative representation
                  6.6.6     Automatic numbering mechanisms
                  6.6.7     User readable comments
                  6.6.8     User visible name
        6.7     Document management features
                  6.7.1     Document constituent information
                  6.7.2     Document identification information
                  6.7.3     Document default information
                  6.7.4     Non-basic characteristics information
                  6.7.5     Fonts list
                  6.7.6     Document management attributes
 7     Specification of constituent constraints
        7.1     Introduction
                  7.1.1     Diagrams of relationships of logical constituents
                  7.1.2     Diagrams of relationships of layout constituents
                  7.1.3     Notation
        7.2     Document profile constituent constraints
                  7.2.1     Macro definitions
                  7.2.2     Constituents constraints
        7.3     Logical constituent constraints
                  7.3.1     Macro definitions
                  7.3.2     Factor constraints
                  7.3.3     Constituent constraints
        7.4     Layout constituent constraints
                  7.4.1     Macro definitions
                  7.4.2     Factor constraints
                  7.4.3     Constituent constraints
        7.5     Layout style constituent constraints
                  7.5.1     Macro definitions
                  7.5.2     Factor constraints
                  7.5.3     Constituent constraints
        7.6     Presentation style constituent contraints
                  7.6.1     Macro definitions
                  7.6.2     Factor constraints
                  7.6.3     Constituent constraints
        7.7     Content portion constituent constraints
                  7.7.1     Macro definitions
                  7.7.2     Factor constraints
                  7.7.3     Constituent constraints
 8     Interchange format
        8.1     Interchange format
        8.2     Document application profile object identifier
        8.3     Encoding of application comments
        8.4     Data lengths
Annex  A  –  Amendments and technical corrigenda
        A.1     Amendments
                  A.1.1     Amendments to the base standard
                  A.1.2     Proposed changes to standards due to defects
        A.2     Technical corrigenda
                  A.2.1     Technical corrigenda to this Recommendation
        A.3     Versions of the ODA Specification
Annex  B  –  Recommended practices
        B.1     Transfer methods for ODA
                  B.1.1     Conveyance of ODA over CCITT Recommendation X.400-1984
                  B.1.2     Conveyance of ODA over FTAM
                  B.1.3     Conveyance of ODA over DTAM
                  B.1.4     Conveyance of ODA over flexible disks
        B.2     Font reference
        B.3     ISO/IEC 8632 (CGM) constraints for this document application profile
                  B.3.1     Delimeter elements
                  B.3.2     Metafile descriptor elements
                  B.3.3     Picture descriptor elements
                  B.3.4     Control elements
                  B.3.5     Graphical primitive elements
                  B.3.6     Attribute elements
                  B.3.7     External elements
Annex  C  –  Bibliography