1     Scope 
 2     References 
 3     Abbreviations and acronyms        
 4     Overview   
 5     Introduction to multipoint multimedia communication         
 6     The T.120 system model  
        6.1     User applications   
        6.2     Application protocols         
        6.3     Node controller     
        6.4     Communications infrastructure        
        6.5     Networks  
 7     T.120 infrastructure Recommendations     
        7.1     Protocol stacks for audiographic and audiovisual conferencing – [ITU‑T T.123]     
        7.2     Multipoint communication service (MCS) – [ITU-T T.122], [ITU‑T T.125]           
        7.3     Generic conference control (GCC) – [ITU-T T.124]          
 8     Application protocol Recommendations   
        8.1     The generic application template (GAT) – [ITU-T T.121]   
        8.2     Multipoint still image and annotation protocol (MSIA) – [ITU-T T.126]      
        8.3     Multipoint binary file transfer (MBFT) – [ITU-T T.127]     
        8.4     T.120 extensions for audiovisual control – For further study
        8.5     Proprietary extensions to standardized protocols    
        8.6     Non-standard application protocols           
 9     T.120 compliance
Annex A – T.120 channel and token allocations     
        A.1     Static channels      
        A.2     Static tokens         
        A.3     Standard application protocol session identifiers     
Annex B – MCS domain parameters     
Annex C – Lightweight profiles for the T.120 architecture     
        C.1     Lite T.123 profile 
        C.2     Lite T.122/T.125 profile   
        C.3     Lite T.124 profile 
        C.4     Lite T.121 profile