This Recommendation specifies the inter-node protocol and nodal functions that control AAL type 2 point-to-point connections.

The AAL type 2 signalling protocol specified in this Recommendation is usable in switched and non-switched environments and can operate in public or private networks over a range of signalling transport protocol stacks.

It also provides maintenance capabilities, carriage of user-plane protocol stack information and carriage of an identifier to link the connection control protocol with other higher layer control protocols.

This Recommendation specifies the extensions to the AAL type 2 signalling protocol (Capability set 1) to support the selection of AAL type 2 path, the indication of SSCS for audio extended, the indication of SSCS for multi­rate extended, the AAL type 2 path redirection request, and the modification of AAL type 2 connection resources during the established phase of the AAL type 2 connection.