1     Scope
 2     References
        2.1     Normative references
        2.2     Additional references (informative)
 3     Definitions
 4     Abbreviations
 5     General
        5.1     History
        5.2     Services provided
        5.3     Modes of operation
        5.4     Addition and removal of "links"
 6     Functions of the SSCOPMCE
 7     Elements for layer to layer communication
        7.1     Signals between SSCOPMCE and its user
                  7.1.1     Signal definition
                  7.1.2     Parameter definition
                  7.1.3     State transition diagram for sequences of signals
        7.2     Signals between SSCOPMCE and SSCS layer management
                  7.2.1     Signal definition
                  7.2.2     Parameter definition
        7.3     Signals between SSCOPMCE and CPCS
                  7.3.1     Signal definition
                  7.3.2     Parameter definition
                  7.3.3     Connectionless environment
 8     Protocol elements for peer-to-peer communications
        8.1     SSCOPMCE PDUs
        8.2     SSCOPMCE PDU formats
                  8.2.1     Coding conventions
                  8.2.2     Padding (PAD) field
                  8.2.3     Reserved field
                  8.2.4     PDU length
                  8.2.5     STAT and USTAT PDU codings
        8.3     States of SSCOPMCE protocol entity
        8.4     SSCOPMCE state variables
                  8.4.1     Value range and arithmetic
                  8.4.2     State variables at the transmitter
                  8.4.3     State variables at the receiver
                  8.4.4     Common state variables
        8.5     SSCOPMCE PDU parameters
        8.6     SSCOPMCE timers
        8.7     SSCOP parameters
        8.8     SSCOPMCE credit and flow control
                  8.8.1     Credit and peer-to-peer flow control
                  8.8.2     Local flow control
                  8.8.3     Network congestion
 9     Specification of SSCOPMCE
        9.1     Overview
                  9.1.0     Guard
                  9.1.1     Idle
                  9.1.2     Establishment and release
                  9.1.3     Bidirectional resynchronization
                  9.1.4     Recovery
                  9.1.5     Data transfer
        9.2     SDL diagrams
Annex A - Management error indications
Annex B - SDL diagrams for the ancillary process TRSP
Annex C - Convergence function for SSCOPMCE above IP or UDP
        C.1     General description
        C.2     Functions of the convergence function
        C.3     Specification of the convergence function
                  C.3.1     The IP interface to its users
                  C.3.2     The UDP interface to its users
        C.4     Layer Management
Appendix I - Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) Proforma
        I.1     Introduction
                  I.1.1     Scope
                  I.1.2     Normative references
                  I.1.3     Definitions
                  I.1.4     Conformance Statement
        I.2     PICS Proforma
                  I.2.1     Identification of the PICS Proforma Corrigenda
                  I.2.2     Instructions for Completing the PICS Proforma
                  I.2.3     Identification of the Implementation
                  I.2.4     Global Statement of Conformance
                  I.2.5     Supported values
Appendix II - Examples of SSCOPMCE operation
       II.1     Semantics of the list elements
       II.2     Error-free operation
       II.3     Error recovery by STAT and USTAT PDUs
       II.4     Error recovery of PDUs received in a different order than transmitted
       II.5     Early acknowledgment of SD PDUs
Appendix III - Summary of buffer and state variable management
Appendix IV - Default window size for SSCOP