The protocol defined in this Recommendation is called the Service Specific Connection Oriented Protocol in a Multilink and Connectionless Environment (SSCOPMCE) and provides assured data delivery between AAL connection endpoints.

SSCOPMCE is a peer-to-peer protocol which provides the following functions:

transfer of user data with sequence integrity;

error correction by selective retransmission;

flow control;

connection control;

error reporting to layer management;

connection maintenance in the prolonged absence of data transfer;

local data retrieval by the user;

error detection of protocol control information;

status reporting; and

out-of-sequence delivery.

This Recommendation enhances the specification in ITU-T Q.2110 to allow the SSCOPMCE mechanism to be deployed not only on a single ATM connection but also:

on multiple ATM connections between the same endpoints; or

on a connectionless network.

When deployed on a single ATM connection, the protocol defined in this Recommendation is interoperable with the protocol specified in ITU-T Recommendation Q.2110.

This Recommendation describes the necessary elements for layer to layer communication, the elements for peer-to-peer communication, a detailed protocol specification, and examples of assured data operation.