Table of Contents

 1     Scope            
 2     References   
 3     Definitions   
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms  
 5     Conventions
 6     General         
        6.1     Electrical, acoustic and other levels             
        6.2     Universal requirements   
        6.3     Averaging          
 7     Method A – Immediate indication of speech volume for real-time applications          
 8     Method B – Active speech level for other applications than those mentioned in method A      
        8.1     Principle of measurement              
        8.2     Details of realization       
        8.3     Values of the parameters               
 9     Approximate equivalents of method B 
10     Specification              
       10.1     Signal input      
       10.2     Filter  
       10.3     Speech-level measurements         
11     Routine calibration of method-B meter               
       11.1     No input signal
       11.2     Continuous tone             
       11.3     White noise      
Annex A – A method using a speech voltmeter complying with method B in network conditions    
Annex B – Application of approximate equivalents of method B to super-wideband speech signals    
Annex C – Application of approximate equivalents of method B to full band speech signals