1     Scope 
        1.1     Purpose  
        1.2     Field of application
 2     References 
 3     Definitions  
        3.1     General definitions 
        3.2     Alarm report-related definitions      
        3.3     ARC statedefinitions         
 4     Abbreviations   
 5     Conventions     
 6     Overview of the model     
        6.1     Network fragment 
        6.2     Managed element fragment
        6.3     Physical equipment fragment          
        6.4     Logical equipment fragment
        6.5     Termination point fragment – Network element view           
        6.6     Termination point fragment – Network view           
        6.7     Topology and connectivity fragment – Network view          
        6.8     Telemetry fragment
        6.9     Transmission fragment        
       6.10     Cross-connection fragment           
       6.11     Functional area fragment   
 7     GDMO definitions           
 8     ASN.1 modules
 9     TMN application context 
Annex A – Index    
        A.1     Managed objects  
        A.2     Packages  
        A.3     Attributes  
        A.4     Notifications         
        A.5     Actions  
        A.6     Parameters           
        A.7     Name bindings      
Annex B – Network level model methodology    
Annex C – Telemetry fragment    
Annex D – Circuit pack fragment    
Annex E – Generic protection fragment    
        E.1     Protection Group R2         
        E.2     Protection Unit R1 
        E.3     Example protection applications     
Annex F – Generic alarm reporting control (ARC) feature    
        F.1     Business requirements        
        F.2     Analysis 
        F.3     Design    
Annex G – Bridge‑and‑roll cross-connect feature    
        G.1     Business requirements       
        G.2     High-level use cases          
        G.3     Analysis 
Annex H – Enhanced cross-connect feature    
        H.1     Business requirements       
        H.2     High-level use cases          
        H.3     Analysis 
        H.4     Design   
Annex I – Attribute value ranges feature    
Annex J – Generic transport TTP feature    
Appendix I – User guidelines    
        I.1        Introduction         
        I.2        Use of supported by object list     
        I.3        Use of upstream and downstream connectivity pointers     
        I.4        Use of cross-connection objects   
        I.5        Cross-connection use examples    
        I.6        Object classes and logical layering
        I.7        Mandatory naming attribute          
        I.8        Interoperability between ITU-T Rec. M.3100 (1992) and this Recommendation   
        I.9        Support for multipoint trails          
       I.10     Use of topological link       
       I.11     System initialization
       I.12     Use of equipmentHolder acceptableCircuitPackList attribute          
Appendix II – User guidelines – Network topology    
       II.1     Inter-layer relationship alternatives  
       II.2     Intra-layer topology alternatives      
       II.3     Example #1
       II.4     Example #2
Appendix III – Alarm Report Control (ARC) – Additional considerations    
      III.1     Business requirement considerations           
      III.2     GDMO/ASN.1 design considerations