1     Scope        
 2     References             
 3     Definitions
 4     Abbreviations         
 5     Conventions           
6     General
        6.1     Objectives    
        6.2     ISDN/xDSL technologies         
        6.3     ISDN/xDSL: Technical problems          
        6.4     Transmission medium            
 7     Recommended DLL requirements for ISDN/xDSL      
        7.1     Minimum digital local line requirements for ISDN/xDSL           
        7.2     Digital local line physical characteristics         
        7.3     Principal electrical and transmission characteristics for ISDN/xDSL services and systems    
        7.4     Use of a multi-pair copper network cable supporting shared multiple services such as POTS, ISDN and xDSL    
Appendix I – Bridge taps: Effect of the loss due to the length of a bridge tap    
        I.1               Effect of BT loss in ISDN
        I.2               Effect of BT loss in HDSL systems            
        I.3               Effect of BT loss in ADSL and UADSL       
Appendix II – France Telecom experience    
       II.1     Mass deployment of ADSL: Loop qualification process  
       II.2     Maximum reach of ADSL systems       
       II.3     Field quality tests of the copper pair   
Appendix III – India experience    
Appendix IV – Brazil experience    
       IV.1     Introduction 
       IV.2     Local loop requirements