Supplement 1 to ITU-T K-series Recommendations (05/2021) ITU-T K.91 – Guide on electromagnetic fields and health
Table of Contents
1 Introduction to EMF
     1.1 The electromagnetic spectrum
     1.2 What is an electromagnetic field (EMF)?
     1.3 What is a radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic field?
     1.4 What is ionizing radiation?
     1.5 What is non-ionizing radiation?
2 Overview of EMF and health
     2.1 WHO International EMF Project
     2.2 Information on mobile phones and health
     2.3 Information on base stations and health
     2.4 Information on 5G and health
     2.5 Information on human exposure guidelines
     2.6 Research on EMF and health
     2.7 Effects of EMF
     2.8 International Agency for Research on Cancer
3 Mobile phones and base stations
     3.1 How mobile phones and wireless devices work
     3.2 The generations of mobile communication
     3.3 Towers and antennas
     3.4 Does the power of a base station vary?
     3.5 Mobile phone power transmitters
4 Mobile phones, SAR and power density
     4.1 What is SAR?
     4.2 What is 'power density'?
     4.3 Factors affecting RF-EMF exposure from mobile devices
     4.4 How important is the SAR value?
     4.5 How SAR is measured for devices
     4.6 Does SAR vary between mobile phones?
     4.7 Are low SAR mobile phones safer?
     4.8 Finding the compliance information for your mobile
5 Relevant EMF guidelines and standards
     5.1 Human EMF exposure guidelines
     5.2 Safety factors
     5.3 ITU standards and guidelines
     5.4 IEC standards
     5.5 IEEE standards
6 Mobile phones and EMF FAQ
     6.1 What are the health risks associated with mobile phones and their base stations?
     6.2 Do mobile phones emit radiation?
     6.3 How much power does a mobile phone transmit?
     6.4 How does adaptive power control work?
     6.5 Does the EMF from my mobile vary?
     6.6 What are exposure levels from mobile phones?
     6.7 What is the typical power of a mobile phone?
     6.8 How can I reduce exposure from my mobile?
     6.9 Do mobile phone shields reduce exposure?
     6.10 Do mobiles radiate less EMF when close to a base station?
     6.11 Do mobiles have less EMF when the signal display has full bars?
     6.12 Does texting have lower exposure compared to calls?
     6.13 Are we at a high risk of EMF exposure when using mobile phones inside high speed transportation?
     6.14 Is using a mobile phone in the car or at home safer because these constitute a barrier to radiation?
     6.15 Are children more vulnerable to the EMF from mobile phones than adults?
7 Base stations and EMF FAQ
     7.1 What are the EMF levels around base stations?
     7.2 Is it safe to live near a base station, or to locate base stations near schools?
     7.3 Do more base stations reduce EMF?
     7.4 Is it safe to locate base stations on hospitals?
     7.5 Are there restricted areas in front of base station antennas?
8 EMF exposure limits FAQ
     8.1 Who sets the EMF human exposure limits and standards?
     8.2 Is there a safety margin built into the human exposure limits?
     8.3 Are children and pregnant women protected by the safety standard?
     8.4 Are people with electronic implants protected by the safety standard?
9 EMF myths FAQ
     9.1 Does 5G Spread COVID-19?
     9.2 Is it possible to cook an egg or grains of corn using a mobile phone?
     9.3 Is the power output of a mobile phone enough to make the brain boil?
     9.4 Does use of a mobile phone attract lightning?
     9.5 Can a mobile phone cause a gas station to catch fire?
10 ITU EMF resources
11 Additional EMF resources
     11.1 WHO resources
     11.2 ICNIRP resources
     11.3 National government resources
     11.4 Non-government organizations
     11.5 General resources
12 About this Guide on electromagnetic fields and health