1     Scope 
 2     References 
 3     Definitions  
 4     Procedure for evaluating the e.m. interference       
        4.1     General  
        4.2     Interference frame  
        4.3     Collection of electrical information of inducing plants           
        4.4     Evaluation of the interference results and compliance with the management voltages 
 5     Interference situations to be examined      
        5.1     Coupling types to be considered    
        5.2     Reference influence distance           
 6     Management voltages      
        6.1     Criteria defining the application of the management voltages
        6.2     Danger voltages: Limits      
        6.3     Damage voltages   
        6.4     Immunity voltages  
        6.5     Noise voltage: Limit           
 7     Reference interference conditions 
        7.1     General  
        7.2     Conditions related to the inducing plant       
        7.3     Conditions related to the telecommunication plant   
 8     Determination of compliance with the management voltages          
        8.1     General  
        8.2     Superposition of the effects
        8.3     Determination of compliance through calculations    
        8.4     Determination of compliance through measurements
 9     Operator's responsibilities
10     Management of interference        
       10.1     General 
       10.2     Plant life
       10.3     Exchange of information    
       10.4     Plant documentation          
Annex A – Method for the evaluation of the reference influence distance     
        A.1     Inductive coupling 
        A.2     Conductive coupling          
Appendix I Weighting factors for use in determining the psophometrically weighted voltage     
Appendix II Values for the quantities affecting the  reference influence distance for inductive coupling     
       II.1     Guidance values     
       II.2     Values of the parameters for the RID evaluation: Inductive coupling 
       II.3     Values of the parameters for the RID evaluation: Conductive coupling         
Appendix III Steps for determining the RID values due to a.c. power or electrified traction line