Table of Contents

 1     Scope and purpose
 2     References
 3     Definitions
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms             
 5     Need of protection
 6     External area           
        6.1     Lightning protection system (LPS)       
        6.2     Bonding in the tower
        6.3     Earthing          
        6.4     Power meter station 
 7     Equipment building               
        7.1     Feeder and lighting cables      
        7.2     Power conductors      
        7.3     Telecommunication conductors           
        7.4     Earthing and bonding of metallic elements     
 8     Protection of RBS equipment           
        8.1     Inductive voltage drop across the SPD connecting leads            
        8.2     Voltage induced in the internal cabling              
Annex A – Shielding factor (β) of cable trays    
Annex B – Shielding factor (η) of building walls    
Annex C – Example of earthing and bonding configuration inside an RBS    
Appendix I – Results of tests with rocket-triggered lightning on a radio base station    
        I.1     Introduction  
        I.2     Description of the test site       
        I.3     Recordings of the lightning current      
        I.4     Shielding factor of tower and feeder tray          
        I.5     Bonding the feeder to the tower at ground level            
        I.6     Current flowing through service conductors     
        I.7     Inductive voltage drop in the SPD connecting leads