Recommendation ITU-T K.56 presents the techniques applied to a telecommunication radio base station in order to protect it against lightning discharges. The need of protection is obtained from the methodology contained in IEC 62305-2, which is used to determine the relevant lightning protection level (LPL) for the installation. The protection techniques for the external area cover the lightning protection system (LPS), bonding procedures, earthing and the installation of surge protective devices (SPDs) at the power meter station. The protection techniques for the equipment building cover the feeder and lighting cables, the electric power conductors, the telecommunication cabling and the earthing/bonding procedures applied to cable trays and equipment frames. This Recommendation also provides guidelines in order to achieve adequate protection of the telecommunication equipment based on the coordination between equipment resistibility, SPD protection level and installation characteristics.

Corrigendum 1 to Recommendation ITU-T K.56 (2010) deletes the factor "2" in the denominator given in Equation 7 (clause 8.1).