Table of Contents

 1     Scope          
 2     References
 3     Terms and definitions          
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms             
 5     General principles  
        5.1     Multiple sources and frequencies       
        5.2     Exposure duration     
 6     EMF safety limits    
 7     Compliance of wireless communication devices       
 8     Achieving compliance to EMF safety limits for telecommunication installations          
        8.1     Determining the need for assessment for telecommunication equipment         
        8.2     Procedures for EMF exposure assessment      
        8.3     Exposure level assessment procedure
 9     EMF evaluation techniques
        9.1     Calculation methods 
        9.2     Measurement procedures     
10     Mitigation techniques        
       10.1     Occupational zone    
       10.2     Exceedance zone      
Annex A – The application flow chart    
Annex B – Basic criteria for determining the installation category    
        B.1     Inherently compliant sources
        B.2     Normally compliant installations          
Appendix I – ICNIRP limits    
        I.1                  Basic restrictions             
        I.2                  Reference levels             
        I.3                  Simultaneous exposure to multiple sources         
Appendix II – Example of simple evaluation of EMF exposure    
       II.1     Exposure at the ground level  
       II.2     Exposure at an adjacent building           
Appendix III – Example of EIRPth calculation    
      III.1     The EIRPth values         
Appendix IV – Rationale for the EIRPth values of Tables in Appendix III    
       IV.1     Inherently compliant sources
       IV.2     Normally compliant