Table of Contents

 1     Scope          
 2     References
 3     Definitions, abbreviations and symbols        
        3.1     Definitions    
        3.2     Abbreviations and acronyms 
        3.3     Symbols         
 4     Overvoltage and overcurrent conditions      
 5     Resistibility requirements  
        5.1     Basic resistibility requirement
        5.2     Enhanced resistibility requirement     
        5.3     Special resistibility requirement          
 6     Equipment boundary           
 7     Test conditions       
        7.1     Interface ports            
        7.2     Test types      
        7.3     Test conditions            
        7.4     Test schematics           
 8     Protection coordination      
        8.1     General          
        8.2     Lightning        
        8.3     Power induction, earth potential rise and power contact          
        8.4     Special test protector
        8.5     Selection of the agreed primary protector       
 9     Acceptance criteria
10     Tests          
       10.1     External symmetric pair port
       10.2     External coaxial port
       10.3     External d.c. and a.c. dedicated power feeding ports 
       10.4     External a.c. mains power port            
       10.5     Internal ports              
Annex A – Test schematics    
        A.1     Introduction 
        A.2     Equipment    
        A.3     Test generators          
        A.4     Waveform generation             
        A.5     Powering, coupling, decoupling and terminations        
        A.6     Test schematics for different types of ports    
Appendix I – Explanations that illustrate test conditions    
        I.1     Testing             
        I.2     Range of lightning and power induction test levels        
        I.3     Relationship between this Recommendation and other product or product family Recommendations    
Appendix II – Supplementary information for manufacturers and operators    
       II.1     Introduction  
       II.2     Primary protection coordination           
       II.3     MDF voltage at the input of equipment             
       II.4     Current test on mains ports    
       II.5     Earth and neutral potential rise             
       II.6     Special resistibility requirements          
       II.7     Equipment fire in equipment complying with Recommendation ITU‑T K.21        
       II.8     Ethernet