Accompanying with the miniaturization develop trends of the network termination units, more and more telecommunication installations, e.g. wire or wireless access units, have being installed in customer premises or other uncontrolled places. Comparing with dedicated telecommunication buildings, the installation circumstances maybe much more complex and severe. [ITU-T K.66] and [ITU-T K.120] provide the requirements on valid bonding and earthing for the customer premises and miniature base stations respectively. But in some scenarios, it may be very difficult or expensive to satisfy these requirements. If it is ignored, there will be a risk of equipment damage or human safety due to lightning strike or electric shock.

This Recommendation provides engineering solutions for lightning protection and safety for small-size telecommunication installations under poor earthing conditions. These protection measures are compromised alternatives due to the restriction of circumstance or expense. These protection measures are not common requirements for all kinds of circumstances and have defined conditions for application respectively. The selection of appropriate and feasible solution is helpful to acquire the best technology economy ratio.