Table of Contents

 1     Scope          
 2     References
 3     Definitions
        3.1     Terms defined elsewhere       
        3.2     Terms defined in this Recommendation           
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms             
 5     Conventions            
 6     Description of the body-worn device environment 
        6.1     Typical configuration of the body-worn device environment   
        6.2     Powering and ports   
        6.3     Mobility          
        6.4     Possibility of interference      
 7     Typical phenomena in the electromagnetic environment of body-worn equipment  
 8     Disturbance characteristics and levels in the 2.4GHz and 13.56MHz bands    
        8.1     Attributes of environment     
        8.2     Specification of disturbance characteristics and levels
 9     Interference management
Appendix I – Study roadmap of the electromagnetic environment and electromagnetic compatibility issues of body-worn devices and Bluetooth v4    
        I.1     Bluetooth v4 and the body-worn device electromagnetic environment
       I.2      Cases of electromagnetic compatibility failure in body-worn devices    
       I.3      Proposed procedure for the study of electromagnetic compatibility of body-worn devices