Table of Contents

 1     Scope          
 2     References
 3     Definitions
        3.1     Terms defined elsewhere       
        3.2     Terms defined in this Recommendation           
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms             
 5     Conventions            
 6     Limits          
        6.1     Limits for conducted disturbances at mains ports         
        6.2     Limits for radiated disturbances           
        6.3     Limits for transient currents at mains port       
 7     Measurement methods      
        7.1     Conducted disturbance at mains ports              
        7.2     Radiated disturbances              
        7.3     Transient currents at mains port          
Annex A  Transient current measurement method at a mains port    
        A.1     General          
        A.2     Measurement system layout
        A.3     Measurement instruments    
        A.4     Test site         
        A.5     Measurement procedure       
Appendix I – The measurement example of radiated disturbance over 300 MHz from lighting equipment    
        I.1     Measurement method              
        I.2     Measurement results
Appendix II  An example of a malfunction caused by a transient disturbance on switching on lighting equipment    
       II.1     An example of actual condition              
       II.2     An example of measurement in a laboratory