Table of Contents

 1     Scope          
 2     References
 3     Definitions
        3.1     Terms defined elsewhere       
 5     Conventions            
 6     Basic configurations for telecommunication equipment       
        6.1     Basic functional configurations (classification of function blocks regarding effect on client signal)    
        6.2     Equipment configuration (components, circuit packs and unit)
        6.3     Functional configurations to be considered for countermeasures         
 7     Reliability requirements relating to soft errors and procedure of equipment design with mitigation measures    
        7.1     Reliability requirements          
        7.2     Equipment development procedures to implement mitigation measures          
 8     Estimation of soft error impact         
        8.1     Devices impacted by soft errors           
        8.2     Estimation method for soft error failure rate (SEFR)    
 9     Methods for implementation of soft error measures              
        9.1     Principles of mitigation measures       
        9.2     Soft error detection method 
        9.3     Soft error correction method
        9.4     Example of soft error correction measures for setting data storage memory    
        9.5     Examples of soft error correction measures for operational control memory and logic circuits    
        9.6     Example of soft error measures for buffer memory     
        9.7     Definition and consideration of silent failure  
10     Notes on application of soft error measures             
       10.1     Soft error measures for a redundant configuration function block        
       10.2     Design method of notification message regarding soft error measures              
       10.3     Saving soft error occurrence history  
       10.4     Soft error measures for initial start-up data storage memory 
       10.5     Identification of physical fault failure to prevent repetition of soft error measures       
       10.6     Notes on use of CPU internal memory             
11     Soft error reliability evaluation methods    
Annex A – Design method of notification message for soft error measures    
        A.1     Notification message on execution of automatic restoration from soft error    
        A.2     Notification message on execution of manual restoration from soft error          
Appendix I – Trends in semiconductor device soft error tolerances