1     Scope
 2     References
 3     Definitions
        3.1     Terms defined elsewhere
        3.2     Terms defined in this Recommendation
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms
 5     Conventions
 6     Assessment procedure
        6.1     General process
        6.2     Method based on the actual maximum transmitted power or EIRP
 7     Equipment under test data collection
 8     Simplified assessment procedures
 9     Measurement area selection
10     Measurement
       10.1     Measurement equipment
       10.2     Measured quantity
       10.3     General exposure assessment
       10.4     Comprehensive exposure assessment
       10.5     Exposure contribution of ambient sources
       10.6     Determination of the total exposure ratio
11     Uncertainty
Appendix I  Radio frequency field strength measurement equipment requirements
Appendix II  Guidance on comprehensive measurements for specific technologies
       II.1     Time division multiple access/frequency division multiple access technology
       II.2     Code division multiple access/wideband code division multiple access technology
       II.3     ODFM technology
Appendix III  Maximum exposure location for a base station in the line of sight
Appendix IV  Exposure limits
       IV.1     Introduction
       IV.2     General description of exposure limits
       IV.3     RF-EMF exposure limits RF-EMF exposure limits
Appendix V  Averaging time reduction
        V.1     Introduction
        V.2     Rationale and methodology
        V.3     Results and discussion