1     Scope
 2     Normative references
 3     Abbreviations
 4     Layered model of performance for IP service
 5     Generic IP service performance model
        5.1     Network components
        5.2     Circuit sections and network sections
        5.3     Measurement points and measurable sections
        5.4     IP packet transfer reference events (IPREs)
        5.5     IP packet transfer outcomes
                  5.5.1     Global routing information and permissible output links
                  5.5.2     Corresponding events
                  5.5.3     Notes about the definitions of successful, errored, lost and spurious packet outcomes
 6     IP packet transfer performance parameters
        6.6     Flow related parameters
 7     IP service availability
        7.1     IP service availability function
        7.2     IP service availability parameters
Appendix I – IP packet routing considerations
Appendix II – Terminology related to IP packet delay variation
       II.1     End-to-end 2-point IP packet delay variation
       II.2     Using average delay as the basis for delay variation
       II.3     Interval-based limits on IP packet delay variation
       II.4     Quantile-based limits on IP packet delay variation
Appendix III – Flow and throughput capacity related parameters
      III.1     Definition of IP throughput parameters
      III.2     Measurements using throughput probes
                III.2.1     Destination limited source
                III.2.2     Throughput probe
                III.2.3     Probe performance parameters
                III.2.4     Creating lower bounds on capacity currently available to applications
                III.2.5     Open issues
Appendix IV – Minimal test of IP service availability state and sampling  estimation of IP service availability parameters
       IV.1     Minimal test of IP the service availability state (for test methodologies and test sets)23
       IV.2     Sampling estimation of IP service availability
Appendix V – Material relevant to IP performance measurement methods
Appendix VI – Bibliography