1     Scope 
 2     References 
 3     Abbreviations and terminology     
        3.1     Abbreviations        
        3.2     Terminology          
        3.3     External terminology          
 4     Introduction      
        4.1     General  
        4.2     General objectives 
        4.3     Generic functions   
        4.4     A reference configuration for traffic control and congestion control  
        4.5     Events, actions, time-scales and response times      
        4.6     Quality of service and network performance           
 5     Traffic parameters and descriptors           
        5.1     Definitions 
        5.2     Requirements         
        5.3     Traffic contract      
        5.4     Traffic parameter specifications      
 6     ATM transfer capabilities 
        6.1     General  
        6.2     High level description of ATM transfer capabilities  
        6.3     Applicability of ATM transfer capabilities to applications    
        6.4     Deterministic bit rate transfer capability (DBR)       
        6.5     Statistical bit rate transfer capability (SBR) 
        6.6     ATM block transfer capabilities (ABT)      
        6.7     Available bit rate transfer capability (ABR) 
        6.8     Guaranteed frame rate transfer capability (GFR)     
 7     Functions for traffic control and congestion control           
        7.1     Introduction           
        7.2     Traffic control functions      
        7.3     Congestion control functions          
        7.4     Traffic control interworking functions          
 8     Procedures for traffic control and congestion control         
        8.1     Resource management cell format  
        8.2     RM cell error conditions    
Annex A – Generic Cell Rate Algorithm GCRA(T,t)    
        A.1     Virtual Scheduling Algorithm (VSA)          
        A.2     Continuous-state leaky bucket algorithm    
Annex B – Application of the GCRA to SBR conformance definition    
Annex C – ABT/DT control messages across a standardized interface    
Annex D – ABT/IT control messages across a standardized interface    
Annex E – Avoidance of multiple outstanding BCR negotiations     
Annex F – ABR control messages across a standardized interface    
Appendix I – Examples of application of the equivalent terminal for the peak cell rate definition    
        I.1        Configuration 1    
        I.2        Configuration 2    
Appendix II – Transcoding rules from signalling information onto OAM traffic parameters at the ATM layer    
Appendix III – Throughput behaviour of the Generic Cell Rate Algorithm (GCRA)    
Appendix IV – UPC/NPC accuracy requirements    
Appendix V – Examples of methods ensuring unicity of RM cell numbering in ABT    
        V.1     Segmentation of the SN field between different networks   
        V.2     Proprietary handling of SN field     
        V.3     Segmentation of the SN field for indicating relative location of RM cell       
Appendix VI – Derivation of conformance definition parameters for ABT    
Appendix VII – Source, destination, and network element reference behaviours for ABR    
      VII.1     Source reference behaviour          
      VII.2     Destination reference behaviour    
      VII.3     Network element reference behaviour       
      VII.4     Impact of source reference behaviour on traffic characteristics       
Appendix VIII – 2‑store algorithm for determination of T(k) in ABR explicit mode    
     VIII.1     2‑store algorithm for determination of T(k) in ABR explicit mode  
     VIII.2     Adjustment of ACR(t) based on the ECR field in backward RM cells        
Appendix IX – Applicability of ATM transfer capabilities to applications    
Appendix X – Additional material related to the F-GCRA    
        X.1     The support of QoS commitments through F‑GCRA         
        X.2     Example implementation illustrating how F‑GCRA may be used to support QoS commitments    
        X.3     Implementation limits for the case of many non-conforming frames  
        X.4     Proof of a result related to F-GCRA         
Appendix XI – Providing GFR QoS with the CF‑GCRA    
Appendix XII – Expectations of a GFR network element behaviour    
Appendix XIII – Applicability of GFR ATM Transfer Capability to applications    
Appendix XIV – OAM support for GFR connections