Table of Contents

 1     Scope          
 2     References
 3     Definitions
        3.1     Terms defined elsewhere       
        3.2     Terms defined in this Recommendation           
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms             
 5     Conventions            
 6     Test suite structure (TSS)    
 7     Electronic attachment         
Annex A  Test purposes    
        A.1     TP definition conventions       
        A.2     Test purposes structure          
        A.3     Group 1.1: HIS direct sender (XDR) message acquisition and validation (DSMA)              
        A.4     Group 1.2: HIS indirect sender (XDM) message acquisition and validation (ISMA)          
        A.5     Group 1.3: HIS message syntactic validation (XSV)       
        A.6     Group 1.4: HIS message body (PHM report) CDG CDA conformance (CCDA)     
        A.7     Group 1.5: HIS message body (PHM report) CDG CCD conformance (CCCD)      
        A.8     Group 1.6: HIS message header (metadata) semantic validation (mapping with PHM report) (XMSV)    
        A.9     Group 1.7: HIS adherence monitor validation (AM)     
       A.10     Group 1.8: HIS ATNA validation (ATNA)           
       A.11     Group 1.9: HIS document digital signature validation (DSG)   
       A.12     Group 1.10: HIS patient identification validation (PIX)
       A.13     Group 1.11: HIS consent management (CM) 
Annex B  Testable item mapping, validation and XML schemas    
        B.1     Testable item mapping validation between PHMR and metadata          
                  B.1.1     For TP/HIS/SEN/XSV/BV-000  
                  B.1.2     For TP/HIS/SEN/XMSV/BV-000              
        B.2     Testable item syntactic validation by XSD (XML schema language) file 
                  B.2.1     For TP/HIS/SEN/CCDA/BV-000
        B.3     Testable item syntactic validation against XML reference document file            
                  B.3.1     For TP/HIS/SEN/CCDA/BV-000
        B.4     Testable item syntactic and/or semantic validation by Schematron 1.5
                  B.4.1     For TP/HIS/SEN/CCDA/BV-000
                  B.4.2     For TP/HIS/SEN/CCCD/BV-000
                  B.4.3     For TP/HIS/SEN/AM/BV-000   
                  B.4.4     For TP/SEN/HIS/DSG/BV-000  
        B.5     Schema for RFC 3881 verification        
        B.6     Schema for XML advanced electronic signatures (XAdES)          
        B.7     Schema for XML-signature syntax and processing (Xmldsig)     
        B.8     Testable item mapping validation between signature document and metadata