Recommendation ITU-T H.821 provides a test suite structure (TSS) and the test purposes (TP) for the healthcare information system (HIS) interface, based on the requirements defined in the Recommendations of the ITU-T H.810 sub-series, of which Recommendation ITU‑T H.810 (2016) is the base Recommendation. The objective of this test specification is to provide a high probability of interoperability at this interface.

Recommendation ITU-T H.821 is a transposition of Continua Test Tool DG2016, Test Suite Structure & Test Purposes, HIS Interface (Version 1.6, 2017-03-14), that was developed by the Personal Connected Health Alliance. A number of versions of this specification existed before transposition.

This Recommendation includes an electronic attachment with the protocol implementation conformance statements (PICS) and the protocol implementation extra information for testing (PIXIT) required for the implementation of Annex A.