ITU-T Rec. H.264 (05/2003) Advanced video coding for generic audiovisual services
0 Introduction
    0.1 Prologue
    0.2 Purpose
    0.3 Applications
    0.4 Profiles and levels
    0.5 Overview of the design characteristics
    0.6 How to read this specification
1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Definitions
4 Abbreviations
5 Conventions
    5.1 Arithmetic operators
    5.2 Logical operators
    5.3 Relational operators
    5.4 Bit-wise operators
    5.5 Assignment operators
    5.6 Range notation
    5.7 Mathematical functions
    5.8 Variables, syntax elements, and tables
    5.9 Text description of logical operations
    5.10 Processes
6 Source, coded, decoded and output data formats, scanning processes, and neighbouring relationships
    6.1 Bitstream formats
    6.2 Source, decoded, and output picture formats
    6.3 Spatial subdivision of pictures and slices
    6.4 Inverse scanning processes and derivation processes for neighbours
7 Syntax and semantics
    7.1 Method of describing syntax in tabular form
    7.2 Specification of syntax functions, categories, and descriptors
    7.3 Syntax in tabular form
    7.4 Semantics
8 Decoding process
    8.1 NAL unit decoding process
    8.2 Slice decoding process
    8.3 Intra prediction process
    8.4 Inter prediction process
    8.5 Transform coefficient decoding process and picture construction process prior to deblocking filter process
    8.6 Decoding process for P macroblocks in SP slices or SI macroblocks
    8.7 Deblocking filter process
9 Parsing process
    9.1 Parsing process for Exp-Golomb codes
    9.2 CAVLC parsing process for transform coefficient levels
    9.3 CABAC parsing process for slice data
Annex A - Profiles and levels
A.1 Requirements on video decoder capability
A.2 Profiles
A.3 Levels
Annex B - Byte stream format
B.1 Byte stream NAL unit syntax and semantics
B.2 Byte stream NAL unit decoding process
B.3 Decoder byte-alignment recovery (informative)
Annex C - Hypothetical reference decoder
C.1 Operation of coded picture buffer (CPB)
C.2 Operation of the decoded picture buffer (DPB)
C.3 Bitstream conformance
C.4 Decoder conformance
Annex D - Supplemental enhancement information
D.1 SEI payload syntax
D.2 SEI payload semantics
Annex E - Video usability information
E.1 VUI syntax
E.2 VUI semantics