1     Scope 
 2     References 
        2.1     Normative references         
        2.2     Informative references        
 3     Brief specification
        3.1     Video input and output       
        3.2     Digital output and input      
        3.3     Sampling frequency
        3.4     Source coding algorithm     
        3.5     Bit rate   
        3.6     Buffering 
        3.7     Symmetry of transmission   
        3.8     Error handling        
        3.9     Multipoint operation           
 4     Source coder    
        4.1     Source format        
        4.2     Video source coding algorithm       
        4.3     Coding control       
        4.4     Forced updating    
        4.5     Byte alignment of start codes          
 5     Syntax and semantics       
        5.1     Picture layer          
        5.2     Group of Blocks Layer      
        5.3     Macroblock layer  
        5.4     Block layer
 6     Decoding process
        6.1     Motion compensation        
        6.2     Coefficients decoding         
        6.3     Reconstruction of blocks    
Annex A – Inverse transform accuracy specification    
Annex B – Hypothetical Reference Decoder    
Annex C – Considerations for multipoint    
        C.1     Freeze picture request       
        C.2     Fast update request           
        C.3     Freeze picture release       
        C.4     Continuous Presence Multipoint and Video Multiplexing (CPM)    
Annex D – Unrestricted Motion Vector mode    
        D.1     Motion vectors over picture boundaries     
        D.2     Extension of the motion vector range         
Annex E – Syntax-based Arithmetic Coding mode    
        E.1     Introduction           
        E.2     Specification of SAC encoder        
        E.3     Specification of SAC decoder       
        E.4     Syntax    
        E.5     PSC_FIFO           
        E.6     Header layer symbols        
        E.7     Macroblock and Block layer symbols        
        E.8     SAC models         
Annex F – Advanced Prediction mode    
        F.1     Introduction           
        F.2     Four motion vectors per macroblock         
        F.3     Overlapped motion compensation for luminance     
Annex G – PB-frames mode    
        G.1     Introduction          
        G.2     PB-frames and INTRA blocks      
        G.3     Block layer           
        G.4     Calculation of vectors for the B-picture in a PB-frame        
        G.5     Prediction of a B-block in a PB-frame       
Annex H – Forward error correction for coded video signal    
        H.1     Introduction          
        H.2     Error correction framing    
        H.3     Error correcting code        
        H.4     Relock time for error corrector framing      
Annex I – Advanced INTRA Coding mode    
        I.1        Introduction         
        I.2        Syntax  
        I.3        Decoding process
Annex J – Deblocking Filter mode    
        J.1       Introduction         
        J.2       Relation to UMV and AP modes (Annexes D and F)        
        J.3       Definition of the deblocking edge filter      
Annex K – Slice Structured mode    
        K.1     Introduction          
        K.2     Structure of slice layer       
Annex L – Supplemental enhancement information specification    
        L.1     Introduction           
        L.2     PSUPP format      
        L.3     Do Nothing           
        L.4     Full-Picture Freeze Request           
        L.5     Partial-Picture Freeze Request       
        L.6     Resizing Partial-Picture Freeze Request      
        L.7     Partial-Picture Freeze-Release Request      
        L.8     Full-Picture Snapshot Tag  
        L.9     Partial-Picture Snapshot Tag          
       L.10     Video Time Segment Start Tag     
       L.11     Video Time Segment End Tag      
       L.12     Progressive Refinement Segment Start Tag
       L.13     Progressive Refinement Segment End Tag 
       L.14     Chroma Keying Information          
       L.15     Extended Function Type   
Annex M – Improved PB-frames mode    
        M.1     Introduction         
        M.2     BPB-macroblock prediction modes           
        M.3     Calculation of vectors for bidirectional prediction of a the B-macroblock   
        M.4     MODB table        
Annex N – Reference Picture Selection mode    
        N.1     Introduction          
        N.2     Video source coding algorithm      
        N.3     Channel for back-channel messages          
        N.4     Syntax   
        N.5     Decoder process  
Annex O – Temporal, SNR, and Spatial Scalability mode    
        O.1     Overview 
        O.2     Transmission order of pictures       
        O.3     Picture layer syntax           
        O.4     Macroblock layer syntax   
        O.5     Motion vector decoding    
        O.6     Interpolation filters
Annex P – Reference picture resampling    
        P.1     Introduction           
        P.2     Syntax    
        P.3     Resampling algorithm         
        P.4     Example of implementation
        P.5     Factor-of-4 resampling      
Annex Q – Reduced-Resolution Update mode    
        Q.1     Introduction          
        Q.2     Decoding procedure         
        Q.3     Extension of referenced picture     
        Q.4     Reconstruction of motion vectors  
        Q.5     Enlarged overlapped motion compensation for luminance   
        Q.6     Upsampling of the reduced-resolution reconstructed prediction error          
        Q.7     Block boundary filter        
Annex R – Independent Segment Decoding mode    
        R.1     Introduction          
        R.2     Mode operation    
        R.3     Constraints on usage         
Annex S – Alternative INTER VLC mode    
        S.1     Introduction           
        S.2     Alternative INTER VLC for coefficients     
        S.3     Alternative INTER VLC for CBPY           
Annex T – Modified Quantization mode    
        T.1     Introduction           
        T.2     Modified DQUANT Update         
        T.3     Altered quantization step size for chrominance coefficients  
        T.4     Modified coefficient range  
        T.5     Usage restrictions  
Annex U – Enhanced reference picture selection mode    
        U.1     Introduction          
        U.2     Video source coding algorithm      
        U.3     Forward-channel syntax    
        U.4     Decoder process  
        U.5     Back-channel messages    
Annex V Data-partitioned slice mode    
        V.1     Scope    
        V.2     Structure of data partitioning          
        V.3     Interaction with other optional modes        
Annex W Additional supplemental enhancement information specification    
        W.1     Scope   
        W.2     References           
        W.3     Additional FTYPE Values
        W.4     Recommended maximum number of PSUPP octets          
        W.5     Fixed-point IDCT
        W.6     Picture message   
Annex X Profiles and levels definition    
        X.1     Scope    
        X.2     Profiles of preferred mode support
        X.3     Picture formats and picture clock frequencies         
        X.4     Levels of performance capability   
        X.5     Generic capability definitions for use with ITU-T Rec. H.245         
Appendix I – Error tracking    
        I.1        Introduction         
        I.2        Error tracking      
Appendix II – Recommended optional enhancement