Annex X - Profiles and levels definition
        X.1     Scope
        X.2     Profiles of preferred mode support
                  X.2.1     The Baseline Profile (Profile 0)
                  X.2.2     H.320 Coding Efficiency Version 2 Backward-Compatibility Profile (Profile 1)
                  X.2.3     Version 1 Backward-Compatibility Profile (Profile 2)
                  X.2.4     Version 2 Interactive and Streaming Wireless Profile (Profile 3)
                  X.2.5     Version 3 Interactive and Streaming Wireless Profile (Profile 4)
                  X.2.6     Conversational High Compression Profile (Profile 5)
                  X.2.7     Conversational Internet Profile (Profile 6)
                  X.2.8     Conversational Interlace Profile (Profile 7)
                  X.2.9     High Latency Profile (Profile 8)
        X.3     Picture formats and picture clock frequencies
        X.4     Levels of performance capability
        X.5     Generic capability definitions for use with ITU-T H.245