1     Scope 
 2     References
 3     Terms and definitions     
 4     Abbreviations 
 5     Conventions    
 6     Application data inactivity detection package    
        6.1     Properties 
        6.2     Events   
        6.3     Signals  
        6.4     Statistics
        6.5     Error codes          
        6.6     Procedures           
Appendix I – Example use case for voice-over-RTP    
        I.1        Introduction        
        I.2        Abbreviations     
        I.3        Assumptions       
        I.4        Example detection logic 
        I.5        Recommendations for timer settings       
Appendix II – Example use case for deadlock detection in IP latching scenarios    
       II.1     Introduction           
       II.2     Assumptions         
       II.3     Example detection logic   
       II.4     Recommendations for timer settings         
Appendix III – Example use case for detection of a hanging voice over RTP session    
      III.1     Introduction          
      III.2     Abbreviations       
      III.3     Incorrect termination of a Voice over RTP session          
      III.4     Relation of "hanging RTP session" with "hanging H.248 termination"