1     Scope
 2     References
        2.1     Normative references
        2.2     Informative references
 3     Definitions
 4     Abbreviations
 5     Conventions
 6     Connection model
        6.1     Contexts
                  6.1.1     Context attributes and descriptors
                  6.1.2     Creating, deleting and modifying Contexts
        6.2     Terminations
                  6.2.1     Termination dynamics
                  6.2.2     TerminationIDs
                  6.2.3     Packages
                  6.2.4     Termination properties and descriptors
                  6.2.5     Root Termination
 7     Commands
        7.1     Descriptors
                  7.1.1     Specifying parameters
                  7.1.2     Modem descriptor
                  7.1.3     Multiplex descriptor
                  7.1.4     Media descriptor
                  7.1.5     TerminationState descriptor
                  7.1.6     Stream descriptor
                  7.1.7     LocalControl descriptor
                  7.1.8     Local and Remote descriptors
                  7.1.9     Events descriptor
                 7.1.10     EventBuffer descriptor
                 7.1.11     Signals descriptor
                 7.1.12     Audit descriptor
                 7.1.13     ServiceChange descriptor
                 7.1.14     DigitMap descriptor
                 7.1.15     Statistics descriptor
                 7.1.16     Packages descriptor
                 7.1.17     ObservedEvents descriptor
                 7.1.18     Topology descriptor
                 7.1.19     Error Descriptor
        7.2     Command Application Programming Interface
                  7.2.1     Add
                  7.2.2     Modify
                  7.2.3     Subtract
                  7.2.4     Move
                  7.2.5     AuditValue
                  7.2.6     AuditCapabilities
                  7.2.7     Notify
                  7.2.8     ServiceChange
                  7.2.9     Manipulating and Auditing Context Attributes
                 7.2.10     Generic Command Syntax
        7.3     Command Error Codes
 8     Transactions
        8.1     Common parameters
                  8.1.1     Transaction Identifiers
                  8.1.2     Context Identifiers
        8.2     Transaction Application Programming Interface
                  8.2.1     TransactionRequest
                  8.2.2     TransactionReply
                  8.2.3     TransactionPending
        8.3     Messages
 9     Transport
        9.1     Ordering of Commands
        9.2     Protection against Restart Avalanche
10     Security considerations
       10.1     Protection of Protocol Connections
       10.2     Interim AH scheme
       10.3     Protection of Media Connections
11     MG-MGC Control Interface
       11.1     Multiple Virtual MGs
       11.2     Cold start
       11.3     Negotiation of protocol version
       11.4     Failure of a MG
       11.5     Failure of an MGC
12     Package definition
       12.1     Guidelines for defining packages
                 12.1.1     Package
                 12.1.2     Properties
                 12.1.3     Events
                 12.1.4     Signals
                 12.1.5     Statistics
                 12.1.6     Procedures
       12.2     Guidelines to defining Parameters to Events and Signals
       12.3     Lists
       12.4     Identifiers
       12.5     Package registration
13     IANA considerations
       13.1     Packages
       13.2     Error codes
       13.3     ServiceChange reasons
Annex A - Binary encoding of the protocol
        A.1     Coding of wildcards
        A.2     ASN.1 syntax specification
        A.3     Digit maps and path names
Annex B - Text encoding of the protocol
        B.1     Coding of wildcards
        B.2    ABNF specification
        B.3     Hexadecimal octet coding
        B.4     Hexadecimal octet sequence
Annex C - Tags for media stream properties
        C.1     General media attributes
        C.2     Mux properties
        C.3     General bearer properties
        C.4     General ATM properties
        C.5     Frame Relay
        C.6     IP
        C.7     ATM AAL2
        C.8     ATM AAL1
        C.9     Bearer capabilities
       C.10     AAL5 properties
       C.11     SDP equivalents
       C.12    H.245

Annex D - Transport over IP
        D.1     Transport over IP/UDP using Application Level Framing (ALF)
                  D.1.1     Providing At-Most-Once functionality
                  D.1.2     Transaction identifiers and three-way handshake
                  D.1.3     Computing retransmission timers
                  D.1.4     Provisional responses
                  D.1.5     Repeating Requests, Responses and Acknowledgements
        D.2     Using TCP
                  D.2.1     Providing the At-Most-Once functionality
                  D.2.2     Transaction identifiers and three-way handshake
                  D.2.3     Computing retransmission timers
                  D.2.4     Provisional responses
                  D.2.5     Ordering of commands
Annex E - Basic packages
        E.1     Generic
                  E.1.1     Properties
                  E.1.2     Events
                  E.1.3     Signals
                  E.1.4     Statistics
        E.2     Base Root Package
                  E.2.1     Properties
                  E.2.2     Events
                  E.2.3     Signals
                  E.2.4     Statistics
                  E.2.5     Procedures
        E.3     Tone Generator Package
                  E.3.1     Properties
                  E.3.2     Events
                  E.3.3     Signals
                  E.3.4     Statistics
                  E.3.5     Procedures
        E.4     Tone Detection Package
                  E.4.1     Properties
                  E.4.2     Events
                  E.4.3     Signals
                  E.4.4     Statistics
                  E.4.5     Procedures
        E.5     Basic DTMF Generator Package
                  E.5.1     Properties
                  E.5.2     Events
                  E.5.3    Signals
                  E.5.4     Statistics
                  E.5.5     Procedures
        E.6     DTMF detection Package
                  E.6.1     Properties
                  E.6.2     Events
                  E.6.3     Signals
                  E.6.4     Statistics
                  E.6.5     Procedures
        E.7     Call Progress Tones Generator Package
                  E.7.1     Properties
                  E.7.2     Events
                  E.7.3     Signals
                  E.7.4     Statistics
                  E.7.5     Procedures
        E.8     Call Progress Tones Detection Package
                  E.8.1     Properties
                  E.8.2     Events
                  E.8.3     Signals
                  E.8.4     Statistics
                  E.8.5     Procedures
        E.9     Analog Line Supervision Package
                  E.9.1     Properties
                  E.9.2     Events
                  E.9.3     Signals
                  E.9.4     Statistics
                  E.9.5     Procedures
                  E.9.6     Error code
       E.10     Basic Continuity Package
                 E.10.1     Properties
                 E.10.2     Events
                 E.10.3     Signals
                 E.10.4     Statistics
                 E.10.5     Procedures
       E.11     Network Package
                 E.11.1     Properties
                 E.11.2     Events
                 E.11.3     Signals
                 E.11.4     Statistics
                 E.11.5     Procedures
       E.12     RTP Package
                 E.12.1     Properties
                 E.12.2     Events
                 E.12.3     Signals
                 E.12.4     Statistics
                 E.12.5     Procedures
       E.13     TDM Circuit Package
                 E.13.1     Properties
                 E.13.2     Events
                 E.13.3     Signals
                 E.13.4     Statistics
                 E.13.5     Procedures
Appendix I - Example Call Flows
        I.1        Residential Gateway to Residential Gateway Call
                  I.1.1     Programming Residential GW Analog Line Terminations for Idle Behaviour
                  I.1.2     Collecting Originator Digits and Initiating Termination