Table of Contents

 1     Scope          
 2     References
 3     Definitions
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms             
 5     Conventions            
 6     ITU-T G.65x-series Recommendations          
 7     Features of existing optical fibre categories and their application areas          
        7.1     Attenuation properties            
        7.2     Dispersion properties
        7.3     Bending properties    
 8     Relationship between fibre parameters and interface parameters   
        8.1     Relationship between PMD and DGD 
        8.2     Transmission limitation due to dispersion properties  
 9     Unspecified fibre parameters and their test methods            
        9.1     Non-linear coefficient
        9.2     Effective area Aeff     
        9.3     Stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) power rating        
        9.4     Raman gain coefficient            
        9.5     Microbending loss      
10     Optical fibre properties for operation and maintenance      
       10.1     Properties of cut-off wavelength under the deployment conditions    
       10.2     Properties of chromatic dispersion and PMD 
       10.3     Splice loss     
       10.4     Input power limitation and safety aspects      
       10.5     Reliability of optical fibre cable           
       10.6     Optical loss properties due to hydrogen          
       10.7     Environmental test conditions for fibres         
       10.8     Optical fibre cable network maintenance       
Appendix I – Standardized criteria    
        I.1                  Criteria for revising optical fibre Recommendations        
        I.2                  Guideline for conducting measurement round robins in Question 5 of ITU-T Study Group 15 (Q.5/15)    
Appendix II – Optical fibre cable structures    
Appendix III – Fibre optics hardware and passive components    
Appendix IV – Construction and installation practices    
Appendix V – Status of optical fibre and cable specifications in ITU-T and IEC    
        V.1     Fibre specifications   
        V.2     Fibre cable specifications        
Appendix VI – Comparison of ITU-T Recommendations and IEC documents concerning test methods    
       VI.1     Test methods for single-mode fibres 
       VI.2     Test methods for multimode fibres    
       VI.3     Recommendation available only in ITU-T and not in IEC             
       VI.4     Documents available only in IEC and not in ITU-T         
Appendix VII – Examples of cable cut-off wavelength (λcc) measurement on cabled/uncabled single-mode fibres    
      VII.1     Introduction
      VII.2     Experiment design    
      VII.3     Measurement data and analysis          
      VII.4     Conclusion