Table of Contents

 1     Scope          
 2     References
 3     Definitions 
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms             
 5     Overview   
 6     Functional reference model              
 7     TPS-TC function       
        7.1     ATM TPS-TC   
        7.2     PTM TPS-TC with 64/65-octet encapsulation    
 8     Retransmission functions    
        8.1     DTU framer    
        8.2     Retransmission multiplexer     
        8.3     Transmitter retransmission state machine        
        8.4     Retransmission return channel (RRC)  
        8.5     Roundtrip        
        8.6     Retransmission control parameters     
 9     PMS-TC function     
        9.1     Scrambler        
        9.2     FEC     
        9.3     Latency paths multiplexer        
        9.4     Framing parameters   
        9.5     Impulse noise protection         
10     PMD function         
       10.1     Definition of MTBE     
       10.2     General definition of signal‑to‑noise ratio margin        
       10.3     Definition of MTBE_min          
       10.4     Accelerated testing of MTBE 
11     Operation, administration and maintenance (OAM) management function
       11.1     Configuration parameters      
       11.2     Test parameters         
       11.3     OAM line-related primitives  
       11.4     Performance monitoring parameters
       11.5     Channel initialization policies 
12     DTU counters          
13     On-line reconfiguration (OLR)          
       13.1     Bit swapping 
       13.2     Seamless rate adaptation (SRA)           
       13.3     SOS   
       13.4     Transition mechanism for type 5 and type 6 modified OLR commands
Annex A – Support of ITU‑T G.998.4 with ITU‑T G.992.3    
        A.1     Specific requirements               
        A.2     Initialization   
        A.3     Management plane procedures           
        A.4     OLR timing of changes in control parameters  
Annex B – Support of ITU‑T G.998.4 with ITU‑T G.992.5    
        B.1     Specific requirements
        B.2     Initialization   
        B.3     Management plane procedures           
        B.4     OLR timing of changes in control parameters  
Annex C – Support of ITU‑T G.998.4 with ITU‑T G.993.2    
        C.1     Specific requirements
        C.2     Initialization   
        C.3     Management plane procedures           
        C.4     Timing of changes in control parameters           
Annex D – Support of ITU‑T G.998.4 with ITU‑T G.993.5    
Annex E – VDSL2 low power mode operation    
        E.1     Scope
       E.2      Functionality  
        E.3     Link states and link state diagram         
       E.4      CO‑MIB configuration and status reporting      
       E.5      Coordination of link state transitions between VTU‑O and VTU‑R          
Appendix I – Transmit state machine    
        I.1     Reference transmit state machine        
        I.2     Last chance retransmission state machine         
Appendix II – Motivation of MTBE accelerated test